How to Dream of the Future and How to Create the Future You Dream.

Although this isn't traditional Tibetan Buddhist Dream Yoga that comes through to us from modern channels, I propose the hypothesis that this is a valid method which has been in use in shamanistic circles since the Paleolithic times. This is how to train the mind to dream of the next day, and to heed guidance and warning which come through dream messages. And by extension, through the practice of lucid dreaming, to actually influence or control the events of the next day.

I have rediscovered a method to train the mind to dream of the future. I say that I have 'rediscovered' this method because all animals as well as humans have used this method forever until relatively recently in the case of human beings. It is a natural ability we all have. I invite you to replicate this experiment and prove it to yourself to your satisfaction that you can indeed dream of the following day.

Consider the cave paintings of the neolithic peoples and contemplate such ideas as dowsing and sympathetic magic. T
hese cave paintings were a way of impressing onto the mind, in the same way as dreams do, the desired outcome. If the very survival of a tribe depended on a successful hunt, naturally the emotional energy that would imbue a ritual which enacted the hunt or a cave painting of a successful hunt would be stronger and more effective, if magic is real.

I have often had dreams which had a strong emotional effect on me, that by merely recalling the dream would induce an emotional change, and physiological change, and energetic change in me. Often a dream featuring a euphoric, exalted, blissful, or even proud feeling would carry over for days afterwards, especially if consciously remembered. These are changes in the channels of the subtle body. My idea was to cultivate this ability of dreams.

My method firstly depends on dream recall. You must be able to remember all of the details of your dreams in order to put into effect. By keeping a dream journal and cultivating your dream recall, eventually you will be able to remember at least 5 or 6 dreams a night.

The next step is to relive or re-enact your dreams. I call this 'artificial precognition.' It is like training wheels. For example: if you dream that you climbed a tree in your backyard, the next day you would go and climb the tree in your backyard. You do everything possible or feasible that you can to relive your dreams of the previous night. Even if there was only one event in the dreams that is possible in waking life, you should do it. And if the dream is too abstract; if the entire dream is pure unrealistic fantasy, you can draw it, or say it, or write it, or at least re-enact it in your imagination with all of your senses involved as much as possible.

But the most important element is the emotional element. As you are, for example, climbing the tree in your backyard, I should remember your dream, and create an emotional link, an intuitive 'knowing', that you dreamed of this last night and that you are reliving it. That you indeed did dream of the future, if even you are helping it along. This emotion is 'deja vu'.

Guess what you can expect to happen? Immediately you will begin to notice rich textures of meaning in the waking life re-enactments. Actual deja vu and intuitive feelings will flood you. After a week, your dream-signs will be manifesting automatically in your waking experience. You just have to keep your eyes open to look for them. After two weeks you might not even have to look for them, they should jump out at you. Even improbable events will act as symbols of events in waking life. I remember dreaming of triangular mountain peaks on fire on the horizon. The fire was blowing fiercely like jet fuel fed by a supply of wind... you know what I mean? The next day, I went for a walk through the art-district; it was the first friday of the month and all of the art galleries were open. I went to a ceramic studio and looked into a kiln they had fired up and saw the blue jet-flame of propane I dreamed of in my dream the night before.

Eventually I was spending hours each day in a state of deja-vu. That is a very surreal feeling. I will tell you the event which proved it for me. 

 So, if you want to know how much waking life is like dreaming and how much dreaming is like waking life and how dreamlike all experience is, I challenge you to try this method for yourself. Step one is cultivating your dream recall. Step two is re-enacting your dreams the next day while cultivating deja-vu. Step three is to keep your eyes open. Step four is to begin lucid dreaming to control what you want to happen the next day.

And step five is to graduate into the practice of dream yoga and actively work on the level of dreams to uninstall your belief in a solid inherently existing permanent self-hood to you and all phenomena.


  1. I can relate to a lot of it and events from dreams happen from few hours to years after having the dream. I also had experienced real time dreaming of events far away from me e.g. Once I dreamt about a college time friend of me with whom I had no communication from a long time. I saw that we were in a chemistry lab mixing white salt in a sky blue liquid contained in a test tube. As soon as I got up, I remembered that she was enrolled in Chemistry honors course then I was surprised to see a comment by her on my Facebook post, she was wearing a sky blue dress and white bangles in her profile photo. I was flabbergasted and immediately wrote to her about this drea to which she spontaneously replied that she was talking to her sister about me a few hours ago which I think that colluded with the time I had dream about her. We live in different time zones, at that time she was in India while I was in US so, there was a great distance between us but, still I dreamt about her when she talked (or may be even thought) about me.

  2. Hello.. I have been practicing Dream Yoga for over 40 years, drems are energy and as such they have low intencity moments and high intencity ones as our daily life does and those energy "Peaks" can travel not only from one dream state to another (Considering this "Realm" to be another dream) but they can also travel in time, being that the reason that future events can be foreseen and most of them are negative or tragic ones since, again, they imply a larger amount of energy deployed. When you "Send" that emotional energy using a mockup of the desired effect into the future, the whole universe gets moved to fulfill that "Order" that is the idea behind prayer, schamanic distance healing and even Tibetan Mandalas. Time is just a tool for us to operate in this realm and is allways directed to the future due to the direction given by te moment of universe`s creation as an explotion, if that universe had been created instead of a violent explotion by sort of a growing bloosoming controled way, we would be able to alterate our past in a more complicated multi dimensional universe, but being the way things evolved, we can only influence it`s future. Keep in mind that when doing so, you are competing with other similar desires of a future, since hunting just involves a few individuals and no one else want`s or desires a different outcome, it will most shurelly happen, but if you try to do it to win the lottery, you will be compiting against the wishfull desire of the thousands of persons that bought a lottery ticket with that porpuse in mind.

    1. Thanks for your input. That is very interesting.
      The edge that lucid dreamers have to win the lottery over the competing desires of others, is that lucid dreamers are aware, awakened, and conscious.
      But I hadn't thought of using it to win the lottery! Good idea! Reading numbers in a dream and remembering them is difficult, but a good exercise in dream yoga nevertheless.


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